It's been a little while since I've posted to my blog's! How is everyone doing?
I know not many people read blogs anymore most people contact me via facebook, which is nice but makes me feel a little sad because bloggers put so much time and effort into their blogs and have done so well before facebook was born!

So what's new...hmmm...it's winter here and the surrounding mountains are covered in snow, the poor chook run is swamped because we have had so much rain.

Study is going well, four months left to go, yay!

My partner, Pig has been brewing up a storm since the beginning of the year.

Hopefully we should have over 100 bottles ready to drink for Xmas. When I get some spare time I'll post up some recipes onto my Pig and Duck cooking site!

Some new listings have been added in my etsy shop Little black Crow Studio go take a peek some cute photos there of some old favorites!
If anybody is reading this would love it if you left a comment and I will promise I will visit your blog and leave you a comment too..cheerio


Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Grace,

I am glad you posted.

I do not, will not, can not bring myself to play on facebook.

So I hope you come a play here every once in a while too.

Glad to hear from you.

Checking ouyt your new stuff in a moment but sure it will be great!

Hugs, Euphoria

vivian said...

Im still reading blogs Grace and am always glad to see when an old blog buddy puts a new post out there!
seeing your colder weather pics makes me want to hang on to our summer so much tighter! after our awful winter last year, I just so dread doing it again this year! LOL!
ooh.. if I were rich.. Id live elsewhere in the winter months!
going to check out your etsy site now! have a great week!

Carlin said...

Hi, Grace~
I love your blog and am so happy to read about what you are up to and your thoughts on things. Keep on posting.

My gosh! can't believe it's winter for you down there. Up here we are having hot and humid temps and rolling into fall.

I would love some tips from you. I am going to handmake little books with the stories of my dolly characters in each of them and would like some tips from you on the best things to keep in mind when illustrating a little book.

Well, I'll leave you to snow and hot cocoa and I'm off for ice water and a quick nap then back to the sewing machine.