Happy belated new year!

Yes I know I'm late and we are well and truly into into February...but I've been busy, busy, busy!

For the last two years I've been studying graphic design at Tafe, certificate III and certificate VI.
Needless to say that a lot of studio work had to be put on the back burner and sadly this year may be the same as I'll be doing my diploma in graphic design.
The course has been a wonderful experience and I've learned so many new skills both visually and technical.
Really looking forward to starting my course this year, unfortunately or fortunately the start date was moved to the 18th and not the 4th of February so I've had lots of time to finish off a few projects in the studio and start some new ones!
One project I've been wanting to at least start was making two cloth dolls using my Susie McMahon,
Creating a doll in the style of Izannah Walker'. 

So I made a good start with the bodies. Susie's tutorial is just brilliant at explaining how to sculpt the toes and hand. One doll has toes the other will have painted shoes. When will I start the heads?, I hear you ask, hmmm not sure. I have sculpted some cartoony style heads in the past but this is a whole new ball game..but I like the challenge!
 A close up of the sculpted hands....a little dodgey but it is my first attempt.
And here are the toes...cute hey?

 I decided to coffee stain one of the dolls along with several other of my critters.

Later on in the day, back in the studio once he dolls have dried I've started to paint their socks and shoes.
 Well that's it for now..back into the studio with me and finish of the shoes..clothes and knit tiny cardigans..sew on eyes......


Susan McMahon said...

You did a great job with those bodies - and the staining looks good, too. Good luck with the studies!

Grace Garton said...

Thank you Susie...not sure when I'll be able to start the heads but I hope at least it will be this year!

Uouo Uo said...

thank you

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