New Studio

Time to give some attention to my blogs!
Facebook is great but a big distraction. I'm hoping to blog first and upload to facebook later. I don't mind that nobody really takes a peek what happens here on my blog, for me this is sort of a journal/diary.
Last month I moved from my lovely short term studio at Salamanca Arts Centre to a more permanent studio. There is a big old window that looks down onto Wooby's Lane that I've dressed up. So if you are looking up from below there will always be something to see!

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Sneak Peeks

A little look at some of my artworks in progress...

This one is a small painting, 22.5 x 12.5

No titles yet, early days. I'm loving working on the black and white, these are quite big paintings and take a fair bit of energy sketching and layering the illustrations.

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Moved In

Very excited to be in studio E-231 at Salamanca Arts Centre.  It was a big move, packing up two studios from home but I have space for my sewing and painting..all in one room!
The atmosphere is great, Rectango on Friday nights, markets on Saturdays, always something happening, all good inspiration and motivation!
Slowly meeting the other residents, photographers, artists and jewellers, bumping into one another in the stair well or downstairs at Tricycle for a strong long black to take away, exchanging studio numbers. Here's to wonderful creative life ahead!

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Ann Wood pattern's

 Tiny Rag Doll pattern in progress

 Lovely pattern, most of which the dolls and clothing are hand stitched..like the pleasure of "slow cooking" this is "slow making", perfect for a rainy day!

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