Hold onto your hats

Watch out 2016 Little Black Crow will be back in full swing!
It's almost the end of my final term and I'm so looking forward to getting back into the studio and doing what I love.
Don't get me wrong though I have been loving my studies and it has been creative and I've learned heaps..but most of it is digital! Nothing real to hold, not textures, no smell!

I know one thing for sure is that I'm going to have to reacquaint myself with so many of my friends, locally and virtually.
It's going to be a great year..fingers and toes crossed!

Soon to be released are new business cards!

See you all soon!


Happy belated new year!

Yes I know I'm late and we are well and truly into into February...but I've been busy, busy, busy!

For the last two years I've been studying graphic design at Tafe, certificate III and certificate VI.
Needless to say that a lot of studio work had to be put on the back burner and sadly this year may be the same as I'll be doing my diploma in graphic design.
The course has been a wonderful experience and I've learned so many new skills both visually and technical.
Really looking forward to starting my course this year, unfortunately or fortunately the start date was moved to the 18th and not the 4th of February so I've had lots of time to finish off a few projects in the studio and start some new ones!
One project I've been wanting to at least start was making two cloth dolls using my Susie McMahon,
Creating a doll in the style of Izannah Walker'. 

So I made a good start with the bodies. Susie's tutorial is just brilliant at explaining how to sculpt the toes and hand. One doll has toes the other will have painted shoes. When will I start the heads?, I hear you ask, hmmm not sure. I have sculpted some cartoony style heads in the past but this is a whole new ball game..but I like the challenge!
 A close up of the sculpted hands....a little dodgey but it is my first attempt.
And here are the toes...cute hey?

 I decided to coffee stain one of the dolls along with several other of my critters.

Later on in the day, back in the studio once he dolls have dried I've started to paint their socks and shoes.
 Well that's it for now..back into the studio with me and finish of the shoes..clothes and knit tiny cardigans..sew on eyes......



It's been a little while since I've posted to my blog's! How is everyone doing?
I know not many people read blogs anymore most people contact me via facebook, which is nice but makes me feel a little sad because bloggers put so much time and effort into their blogs and have done so well before facebook was born!

So what's new...hmmm...it's winter here and the surrounding mountains are covered in snow, the poor chook run is swamped because we have had so much rain.

Study is going well, four months left to go, yay!

My partner, Pig has been brewing up a storm since the beginning of the year.

Hopefully we should have over 100 bottles ready to drink for Xmas. When I get some spare time I'll post up some recipes onto my Pig and Duck cooking site!

Some new listings have been added in my etsy shop Little black Crow Studio go take a peek some cute photos there of some old favorites!
If anybody is reading this would love it if you left a comment and I will promise I will visit your blog and leave you a comment too..cheerio


Up Comming Group Exhibition

The last few months have been very hectic for Little Black Crow! 
Back at school a month early than I had anticipated all the things I had planned and committed to do had to be either let go or prioritized in the place of sleep!
However this resulted in two new outlets taking up Little Black Crow items! Art Confessions, a beautiful gallery supporting handmade art and craft in Broken Hill, NSW, and The Makers Workshop in Burnie, Tas.
Thank you to both for your support and patience!

Little Black Crow has also decided to no longer do any markets for the year, but not to worry you can find all my work available through my ETSY SHOP

I have been looking forward to the Easter to get back into the studio and start painting. A few months back I was invited to submit work for a group exhibition called SMALL BEGINNINGS, I accepted the invitation and have been working on quite a big painting and three new dolls.

Here is some progress shots my my big red painting!



Three new Donkey's


 I'm just having the best time in the studio, now that my time is not taken up by study I can finally finish off all those little projects....oh you should see my studio..so many bodies of animals and dolls with no eyes or clothes. They are all lined up waiting their turn to have there personalities shine through! Check out my Etsy Shop for more photos!


Summer Holidays

after a lovely evening walking along Seven mile beach I was inspired to make some summery beach wrist cuffs, here is a sneak peek...
Inspired by the surf, sand sun and swimming cozies!


shopping therapy

 Showing off my Tascha Parkinson tote at my local post office! I bought it online at Society 6 totally irresistible!

And this little fellow I purchased yesterday from a wonderful antique shop near Westerway. There where so many other lovely old toys there but this little guy all rusty and worn just had to come home with me!
He used to stand on a metal box that contained the battery, when on he used to blow bubbles. I would have loved to have seen him work. Don't be surprised when you see this little guy in the background for some of my new creations!


After almost a year of not being able to grow our own veggies, apart from artichokes and some herbs because of the wallabies, hares, pademelons and our chooks ate or destroyed everything. Even though there is a 4ft high stone wall around the garden area these critters can jump even higher and so easily...hell, we even had a fat little puppy jump over the wall with no trouble, there was no hope this wall would ever have deterred the native and domestic wildlife!
So finally my partner and I had some spare time to build a 8ft fence around the whole garden bed area!
Yay, so now we can start planting for our winter crop! No more tasteless supermarket vegetables laced with chemicals and what ever else they spray and dump into the soil!
I wonder how long it's going to take the chooks to find a way to get in?

 Not Happy Jen!

One of the Australorps Jen was already doing the maths!