Sneak Peeks

A little look at some of my artworks in progress...

This one is a small painting, 22.5 x 12.5

No titles yet, early days. I'm loving working on the black and white, these are quite big paintings and take a fair bit of energy sketching and layering the illustrations.

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Moved In

Very excited to be in studio E-231 at Salamanca Arts Centre.  It was a big move, packing up two studios from home but I have space for my sewing and painting..all in one room!
The atmosphere is great, Rectango on Friday nights, markets on Saturdays, always something happening, all good inspiration and motivation!
Slowly meeting the other residents, photographers, artists and jewellers, bumping into one another in the stair well or downstairs at Tricycle for a strong long black to take away, exchanging studio numbers. Here's to wonderful creative life ahead!

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Ann Wood pattern's

 Tiny Rag Doll pattern in progress

 Lovely pattern, most of which the dolls and clothing are hand stitched..like the pleasure of "slow cooking" this is "slow making", perfect for a rainy day!

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Makers Workshop

My last order for 2016, even though I was pushed a bit for time I still managed to make these little ones and enjoy making them. I was also quite chuffed when the Makers wanted four of my own rag doll designs as much as I love making the Threadbare Primitives, Annie's, I was thrilled they wanted mine! I wrote to Susan Dean of Threadbare Primitives and she graciously allowed me to make 6 dolls to sell retail, so these are my last three I'll be making. People do love them and they have been really popular in my etsy shop. There are so many generous pattern makers out there sharing their work with us, I learn so much from making dolls and other items. I hope to share some of my patterns with you all one day!
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