out of the oven

Marmalade polenta cake! Slices of candied lemon and orange decorate the top and sides!
UPDATE: We all know that old adage,  'you can't judge a book by it's cover', never has it been more true than with this cake. It was awful! Dense, hard to cut, citrus slices too chewy, polenta too gritty. On the plus side I learned how to line a cake tin properly and how to make candy citrus slices.
I've made polenta cakes before that were very yummy, Gary Rhodes has a great lemon syrup polenta cake.
 I didn't really waste much in ingredients apart from 3 large organic eggs. It was in the oven for an hour and took 30 minutes to prep a bit of expenses lost there.

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Rois said...

Oh you tease! What a lovely yummy looking cake but no recipe?

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

WoW I never thought to use Polenta for cake. Great idea.

BlackCrow said...

Thank you Rois and Nicole for your comments...sadly the cake tasted awful. I've made polenta cakes before that where very yummy but not this one.

Carlin said...

Such a luscious golden jewel. Sorry it didn't live up to its looks! Thanks for trying and look forward to your next endeavor. I've never made a polenta cake but sounds interesting.
Good luck and I'll stay tuned!!

Bearly Sane said...

Well dear Grace, at least it looked good! Perhaps you could share the recipe of the one that tastes good ... I'd like to have a go at that one. :)