tiny tailoring

I finally had a bit of spare time to make some dresses for my 'Netty' dolls. I was hoping to find a pattern that would fit my dolls but no luck. So after researching many dolls clothes of all different styles mostly from the 1800's I found a couple I liked and made my own patterns tailoring them to fit my dolls. Still a work in process, but so far so good.
Louis, find him on Etsy HERE
Another little project was tailoring a little cardigan and vest for my dolls. I've written the pattern out and if anybody is interested in me making a little cardigan for one of my dolls they have purchased let me know.

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Yve said...

That teddy just looks TOO CUTE in his little cardi ;o) Changed my screen name btw!

vivian said...

what a sweet little sweater for you bear! I bet he's nice and cozy now!
have a great weekend Grace!