New prints and wrist cuffs

 I've been working on some new items for my etsy shop. You can find a few more prints from my original paintings and.....
 Wrist cuffs! these have been so much fun to make. some months back a bought a copy of 'Wild Sewing' and just loved the extreme sewing it suits my personality and the work I do. I really like using different scraps of fabrics, stitching them together and having the frayed threads show around the edges. These wrist cuffs have all sorts of fabrics on the front from vintage to new, sandwiched in the middle is unbleached wool batting and the back is beautiful unbleached linen!
post signatureThese cuffs fit wrist sizes 17 and 18 cm. The studs have been reinforced.
Well I'm off to make a coffee and head into the studio, later on today I need to make a orange marmalade cake!

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