A little New Year present for you

A little present to all my followers and to those that have found their way to my blog! Just click on the picture, then right click your mouse button and select from the drop down menu 'set a s desktop background'. From there you can either stretch, center or tile your image, centering is best with the background white.
If you do decide to use it pleas let me know what you think about it and if there are any changes I need to make. Your monitor maybe set differently  to mine some are darker than others also scale maybe an issue. Stay tuned to even more freebies!!

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Yve said...

Happy New Year Grace! Errrrrr, what happened to 2012? Where did it go?

What a lovely giveaway idea, it's both beautiful and useful :o)

BlackCrow said...

Happy new Year to you too..2012..it still feels like the middle of the middle of the year not the end! We must get together soon and discuss 2013! cheerio

Yve said...

I know, Cult of Doll still very much a possibility when time allows! ;o)