A Piece Of Cloth

A Piece Of Cloth, exhibition at Gleaners inc

 'A Piece Of Cloth'

Gleaners Inc. has invited 30 local and interstate designers and craftspeople to be a part of an exhibition entitled "A Piece of Cloth" at their retail space/gallery in Brunswick.
The show will be a part of the L'oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program and run throughout March 2013.
Click on the links to find out more information and to see works in progress by other artists.
I'm very excited to be taking part in this exhibition, something new working with 30 other artists using the same fabric design as inspiration. The colours and design are bold, the style is 70's. the pattern is Calypso made by Gummerson Fabrics.

My 'Piece Of Cloth' work in progress.

Sketching out some ideas
Designing faces,  
Machine embroidered face. I'm thinking about where to place her on the background. My idea is to stretch the fabric onto an embroidery hoop, hand stitch the face in place and then paint her using water colours. I'm still toying with other ideas, but so far this is the one I like the most.
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Sarah B said...

It's looking great Grace and what a fabulous opportunity!