Off To TarraWarra

 12 new dolls left home today, they are journeying to the shelves of TarraWarra Museum of Art in Victoria.
I had some dolls there last year, all of which have sold, so it was wonderful when I received an email that they wished to stock some more!

Making these dolls is still fun, their little pants and dresses have changed over time as I've learned more skills. Still keen to learn more about doll making and learning different styles.There is a local doll makers group nearby, who knows maybe next year I'll sign up!

Well it's dinner time and not sure what to cook..looks like potatoes and salad!

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Sarah B said...

They are all so sweet and isn't it nice when your work is in demand, well done. Love those little devils - just adorable :)

vivian said...

I love the them all, but especially the first bunch! tazmanian devils?? cuuttteee!
I have all three of your dolls sitting in my craft room, a elephant, a bunny and a little halloween batty guy!
so happy to have them.
have a great day!

Husband and the Dog said...

Good one you Grace! And Cat has one of your short legged Kitties and loves her and Peter Robert Rabbit too.. Many thanks for sending these two together for her!
Annette with love xxx