four more Threadbare Annies

 Becky, my first holiday witch...she didn't like the first dress I made her!
 This little one argued with one of the other dolls, she wanted her dress...I had to give in, in the end!
 This little one gave me no trouble at all.
And this little girl was such a little sweetie that I gave her a little kitty and sent her to Spain!
I love making these patterns but have decided that these maybe the last four I'll be doing...so get them while you can this weekend or the next at the Valley Market and Nook Market. If they don't sell there you will find them in my etsy shop! 
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vivian said...

they are sweet Grace. I bet someone buys them!
good luck and have a great weekend!

Annie said...

Gorgeous little characters and such a perfect name :-)
A x

Twiglet said...

Your little dolls are perfect - hope they sell quickly for you. x Jo

BlackCrow said...

One sold :) Thank you Vivian, Annie and Twiglet!