As the Valley Market is nearly approaching!

I'm really excited about the up coming Valley Market in Lenah Valley community hall, so many new things will be there on offer here is just a few of those!!

Hi there...it's a bit chilly this morning...could he be the reason why?
Frosty is a new design made by me, he is 13 inches high, filled with off cuts from my sewing...I knew I kept it for a reason. he has been primed over a beige canvas, sanded and then varnished with a mix of crushed glass. Frosty and myself will be at the Valley Market on the 20th of November and at Nook Market on the 27th of November...should be a great day out I'm looking forward to seeing what other stall holders have been busying themselves with.

 BRAND NEW!! Angel jewelry boxes....so much fun making these!

 Santa ornaments for your tree:)
 Xmas time Raggedy Annie's with Xmas brooches!

Thank you to everyone who commented to my last post.

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Sarah B said...

Wow, your goodies look great! I'll have to come by one of the markets to check them out :)