Pontiville stone walling

It's been far too long since I've posted here..lots of changes for the Pig and Little Black Crow this year. We've moved house..no longer are we close to the city of Hobart we have moved to the country. A 4 acre block with a new garden and orchard to play in, new bird discoveries to make..I've already spotted several European Golden Finches and Falcons.
We are also on tank water something completely new to me and saving water will be an interesting challenge with our gardening, cooking and showers. Fortunately our hot water is free..powered by a solar system...the whole house is solar passive, a cement floor and acts as a thermal mass as the sun moves across the  north facing double glazed windows.

Now something for "Mountain Man"....stone wall construction..

The stone wall surrounding the property is being currently built by the owner of the property...l hope to lend a hand soon..been reading up on stone wall building..very interesting.
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Twiglet said...

Love the stone wall - we have lots all over our British Isles - its aleays fascinated me to see all the different types of rock and building methods. Looks like old red sandstone in your wall?

Yve said...

My 75 year old mother is an expert dry stone wall builder, consequently her garden is criss-crossed by them :o)

BlackCrow said...

Hi Twiglet, the stone is basalt a very heavy and hard rock...strange though the hill across from us is sandstone.
Morning Yve ...now that's interesting..I'm hoping to go to Oatlands soon, which is not far from here and a woman has built a substantial stone wall around an old garden...I'll post some pics when I get there...would love to see your mums garden.

Megan said...

Stone walls are pretty cool. It's like a piece of the earth, or a mountain, being part of the home. All that weight gives the wall a very solid feel.

-Megan Payne