My new home

  View from the back garden, there's a small orchard with apples, cherries, apricots and nut trees
apple blossom

The surrounding environment is very different to most parts of Tasmania but very typical to the midlands..more open grass lands, red soil and small wild flowers.
 You can see by the rocks, which are just everywhere how red the soil is.

This handsome pooch is Ralph..he had an unfortunate incident recently...he gets his lampshade removed today...yay...he is a great dog and has been very patient with our cat Ned, they are fast becoming buddies...sharing  the same interests of food and sleep.

There will be some new shots of the studio soon accompanied by some recent work!


Freckled Sparrow said...

Aw, look at that pussy cat! Happy days!

Yve said...

Glad to hear you are settling in. Poor Ned, but kitty looks so relaxed, I'm envious. I need to take some pics of my new place too, once it's a little more sorted :o)

vivian said...

HI Grace! It seems I've missed a lot of your latest postings! have fun getting settled in your new place. always fun to get things set up new and fresh!
Poor dog! they hate those satelite things!
have a great day!

Narelle Badalassi said...

Looks like just the home for you Gracie I cant wait to visit and see your workshop and visit you all
Narelle x