busy, busy, busy

Hi there....I know you have all been waiting to see what my new studio looks like and what I'm doing in them...well don't get scared...but here is what the floor of my sewing room looks like today!!!

just room enough for me to plonk myself down and stuff and sew my dolls together, lots of Xmas stuffing going on!
A little Goth doll in progress for ADO's quarterly challenge..can't wait to finish her!

And here is my painting studio....nice and all organized..just the way I like it!


blueberries in the fields said...

Grace ! It has been so long! i am so happy to read you are doing well. So, do you like your new house? I did mot know winters were long and cold in Tasmania. To us here, we always see Australia ( and around ) as a never ending summer paradise. ^_^
Your paintings are beautiful, you have such great talent !
take care ♥

NatashaMay said...

Great studio you have. I find floors most convenient as well. :)

JDConwell said...

Fun stuff in your studio! I always get a kick out of reading posts from Aussie Artists with our seasons being reversed and all. Love the wee goth doll.

lorik said...

I love your studio. Very used and very busy-a nice place to be