Circus bears

yesterday was a good day for finishing off a few bears. I'm happy with the way they turned out. But now that I've made a few bears some with my own pattern and some using other peoples patterns I'm realizing more and more how much I love making them and have started to work seriously on making more of my own patterns...so stay tuned...oh and I have some dogs playing around in my head..and maybe a Tassie devil to!!
I made these bears out of a recycled coat made from camel hair..kindly donated to me by a friend. The bears have been individually coffee stained..I don't like staining the fabric before I use it I much prefer to brush it into the doll/bear once they have been all assembled.

 Oh and Ned...just look at him...poor little guy just loves being rugged up in my stripy shawl...this cat just loves anything knitted..even a ball of wall...and no he doesn't play with it he pats it down and purrs like crazy as he does it! Ned has to wait another week before his stitches come out...till then he's my little Frankenstein cat!

Better get back to the studio....cheerio!!

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vivian said...

Omg Grace! I Adore your bears! LOVe them! are you going to sell them? (not that I have any money to spend. lol!) but I do think they are freaken awesome!
Im glad Ned is surviving with his stitches ok. I hope he got a few good swipes in at the neighbors cat too.
have a great day.