Netty's Journey ends

My first memories were of twinkling lights, laughter and little warm hands holding mine,

A voice sweetly whispered in my ear, ‘we would be together forever’!

For many years we did, her first day at school, birthday parties, trains rides to see the big city and Ferry rides to the beach, which was always a favourite especially when gelato ice-creams were handed round.

But my favourite time with her was when it was just us alone together. We would sit side by side under the old pear tree and sometimes we would read books about ghosts or sailing adventures. Other times she would confess a secret, what would make her sad and cry and what would make her happy or angry.

The seasons went by, summer days seemed endless.
Spring brought with it the promise of new flowers in the garden.
Autumn we played in leaves of red, gold brown.
Winter was never cold when with her!
But something changed, my friend was growing up!

Then one day in winter another hand took mine, a much older and colder hand, a voice said out loud, ‘you are too old for dolls now!’ I heard my friend cry out but to no avail, I was hastily taken up the stairs and tossed into a dark musty corner!

For days I waited for my friend to rescue me but she never came. I’m not sure now when I fell asleep but or for how long but it must have been a very long time.

A light entered the room and another little warm hand reached out to me through the cobwebs and the years of dust. She brushed the surface of my face, my eyes had faded I couldn’t see her, my mouth was almost gone I couldn’t speak to her.
My cheeks still had a little colour .My paint work was cracked and dirty..
My body once ivory white was now stained and rotting.
My hair once a rusty red now almost gnawed off by the rats.
My clothes turned to dust.
I can’t remember the colour of my eyes or what I had worn. Who called love a doll like me now?

I was carried down the stairs and passed onto another pair of hands who gently place me into a box.
I was a little afraid but a voice whispered, ‘don’t worry little one, we are sending you off to for repairs and when you come back you will be beautiful and we will be best friends for ever!

 story continues....dress and additional journal entries by Kailee.

 Story and journal entries continue....by Susie MacMahon...

"Gentle hands put me back in the box and my long journey continued. I don't know how long it took, but it felt like many days. I don't mind the darkness, because I have lived in the dark since I lost my eyes so long ago.
Gentle hands removed me from the box again..............a tickling sensation on my face! What WAS it?
I see a glimmer of pale light.........still the tickling continues!
After so many years in the dark, the world is bright and new again.
The sky!
The trees!
The water!
I see them all again.The tickling goes on until I have a bright new face, hair and shoes.
The gentle hand sewed me some new clothes because it is cold here - much colder...........and so, I think I have come home.

"I told her we would be together forever", said a kind and familiar voice as she handed me to small soft hands.
"Oh Mummy! I love your doll!" said a younger voice as she hugged me close.
"Well, she belongs to you now, darling. Look after her, won't you? She's very special to me".

So once again, a small voice whispered into my ear:
"We will be together FOREVER!"

My life has come full circle.


Самолетик said...

Не могу удержаться - это просто классно!!!

Twiglet said...

Oh what a perfect little project and story!

Carlin said...

Ohhhh, I do adore this story. You have truly touched my heart. More, more, more ....

BlackCrow said...

thank you everyone...I do love writing...but seldom have the time...you might read another story or poem before the year is out.:)

Anonymous said...

oh this is so gorgeous, almost had me in tears, beautiful post xx