Ned and my studio update

Ned would like to thank everyone for wishing him a speedy recovery! He's doing really well...just look at that expression..hmm.not sure what he's telling me there!
His bucket is off and he seems to be leaving his stitches alone, I'd say he has worked it out that if he does pull at his stitches the bucket goes back on! Ned is booked into the vet for Friday morning to have his stitches out...something that is a bit worrying is that Ned seems to have lost he's meow...do cats have tonsils, could he have tonsillitis?  We'll find out on Friday.
In my poor sad over crowded studio I've been reduced to painting on the floor..
I've officially run out of room...no matter how many times I go to re-organize it, it's just no use. To make maters worse apart from wanting to paint bigger paintings I've also started a soldering course with Margo Beatty, she is teaching at Suzi Blu's Les Petit Academy and I can already tell that it's going to be something I'm going to love doing..a bit of an outlay at first but I'm hoping it will be a good investment!
New tools and equipment is being shipped as I type...where am I going to put it all?
Another interesting event happened last week, I thought I was signing up for a bit of volunteer work with disabled artists...as it turned I was offered a job to teach doll making in September. The course is only one day a week for 6 weeks but still I'm excited about it...now I just have to come up with a course structure and make a few demonstration dolls to take with me!

So busy, busy time's ahead...I'm looking forward to getting back into some doll making!

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Wipso said...

So glad Ned is feeling rather better. Good luck with the doll teaching course. I bought a doll pattern a few months ago and think I might have a go at making one soon so watch this space as they say :-)
A x

Bearly Sane said...

So pleased poor ol' Neddy is no longer feeling poorly.

Sounds like you should be looking at a warehouse Grace. LOL!

Congrats on the job, it will be good to see some of your dollies again.

Warmest hugs,

Mother Goose said...

My male cat Lucky lost his meow after being locked in the basement for 36 hours! (not on purpose) The vet said it was the trauma.

Good luck with you new teaching job.


Narelle Badalassi said...

come share my space Gracie we can drink cups of tea and talk while we work ! serious space id here if you want it :)