More places to shop for Little Black Crow Art and Critters!

 Phew what a busy and productive time of the year and it isn't over yet! It's certainly full on in my studio at the moment making my usual critters, dolls and painting but also making my own patterns and testing them out, not all have worked but they are never thrown out. I have a recycle bin that all my rejects go in, you know heads and limbs can always be used else where..something I learned from Dr Frankenstein very early on! Actually not much gets thrown out as there is another bin used for all those bits of tiny fabric waste, too small for making clothes with but maybe not to small for covering buttons or stitching together for a tiny quilt! I do have a hard time throwing things out I admit it.
But as production is increasing the size of my studio is diminishing at an alarming rate. To remedy this I've decided to open up a couple more online shops...just to spread the love a little further. Now you can find my work at Madeit

and ArtFire
You are all welcomed to take a look there are some new items there that you may have not seen yet.

It's back into the studio of me I've a few new dolls to finish before  Xmas and the New Year!

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Mary said...

Wow Grace, Always doing something, so talented! I wish I had all your energy. Your an inspiration for me. I am in love with your little drawing at the end of each post!