New in my studio today

Once the critters leave the sewing area they head off to here for their socks and shoes to be painted. Various other goings on happen here too.
A doll in a green dress has just had a coat of varnish applied. A white doll rests behind her waiting for further details to be painted on to her.
Doll in a red dress waiting for her final coat of varnish and then to fixed into place on top of the roof for one of my Xmas ornaments.

A box of recently finished critters awaiting tags and names!
I still haven't made a Santa Claus, there is still time left..5 days to go....better dash!
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Twiglet said...

Those little critters are gorgeous! have a fab Christmas and thanks for all your inspiration over the past year!

The Hermits' Garden said...

I love the rabbits best. :~)
Merry Christmas!

kasthurirajam said...

beautiful rabbits