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Happy Holidays from ACOL team, (Artisans Creating Outside The Line)

Artisans Creating Outside the Lines (ACOL) is a group of professional artisans who design and create handmade items.  ACOL is filled with creations from some of the most talented people in the world.  Our group is diverse, not only geographically, but artistically as well.  You can find many different handmade items including cloth dolls, collectible teddy bears, jewelry, sculpted art, handbags and much more.  If you are a fan of primitive, you can find these things here as well as whimsical, traditional and modern pieces.

Whoever wins one of these boxes is ONE LUCKY DUCK!
So run along and take a look..quick only 4 days to go!
 ACOL Treasury Box 1 on ebay
Acol Treasury Box 2 on ebay

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