Eastside Makers Market

Setting up
Little Black Crows table
 another view
arkmetal Pig and Ruby Victoria aka Narelle
It was a rather quiet affair this time at EastSide Makers Market, but a good time was had by all stall holders who's work was beautiful and varied. I was very happy my two buddies where there ArkMetal Pig..my partner! And one of Australia's best and well known letterpress artist Narelle from Ruby Victoria Letterpress & Printmaking!
Made a couple of new friends Margret who does the finest needle work ever and the two sisters who's names escape me for now but I'll post it here when I track you down!! They made beautiful hand bags, brooches and ornaments.
 Now off to plan for 2011!

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Abi said...

Your table looks fabulous - so much delicious eye candy! love it :O)
Those boxes I've not seen before - love them too!

Abi loves her pigs... although they are very naughty already!@!!

Twiglet said...

Wow - what a fabulous display you set up. I think craft fairs have been quiet everywhere this year. Its a great opportunity to get together with like minds and enjoy a day out isn't it!!

Narelle Badalassi said...

hi grace
I was a bit of a quiet ol' day but it is always fun with you guys there to mess about with.

Narelle x