Neglected Naughty Neds New Toy!

Inhaling the catnip makes his head spin
Naughty Ned is getting fat and lazy! I haven't made him a new toy for ages and he has become bored with all of his old toys. Desperate to find something quick and easy to make I was delighted when I found an article on the Artisans Creating Outside the Line blog, 'Things to do on  a rainy day' Jess had made a tutorial for a cats toy. Easy peasy, I had all what was needed to make Ned a toy even the catnip which I dried in the oven at a low temperature for a couple of minutes. And as you can see Ned loves his new toy....I can hang it off a door handle and he can play by himself or I can jiggle it up and down in front of him and make him chase it...good exercise for the both of us!


Thea said...

Too cute! I feel guilty when I haven't had time for my dog so know the feeling. Ned looks quite content now.x

Jess said...

LOVE THIS! Oh Ned! I am so glad you enjoyed your new toy! And so colorful too! You rock Grace!!!

XOXO jess