Art Dolls Only ornament swap!

Ned said, 'thank you for the wrapping'!

A few weeks ago my Art Dolls Only group held another Christmas ornament swap, you might remember last year I received a beautiful dark angel ornament from Yve Hoosen. I made Wicked William which was sent to Susie MacMahon.

 Well this year I received a Little Misfit figure from Nancy Perennec! My photo's don;t do him justice..He is just amazing I feel very privileged to own one of Nancy's dolls! You can find all about Nancy at her blog 'Little Bit Wired'. and Her Etsy shop, 'Little Bit Wired'
I won't discuss my ornament or mention who it's going too until I hear that she has arrived!
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vivian said...

what an amazing little doll! I love him You are very lucky indeed! I would have loved to have known about that swap. Ive had to limit myself with swaps these days, but they are so much fun to do!
have a sweet night

Doone said...

oh wow it's just , just, ah no words...


GobbleGoo's By Trish said...

I think he is truly amazing and so unique and fun for the holidays.


littlebitwired said...

hee, hee does have a just a wee nose lol, glad you're enjoying him! Give Ned a squish from me... he's adorable!

Yovanka Black said...

Oh he is AMAZINGLY cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are soooo very lucky!

He looks like he's been partying all night long.. LOVE him :)))


Abi said...

Wow! she's flippin clever isn't she!

Laura said...

Still looks cool overal ;)