New things on my table

 4 little plasticine bodies and two paint tube heads!
I've been wanting to try paper mache for a while now but finding the time and space was difficult. When my ADO group decided that this months challenge was to make a doll from materials you are unfamiliar with I thought right this is just the push I need to make time, clear the table and start my experiment with paper mache. I think the last time I paper mached properly was as at primary school.Fortunately what I learned there all those years ago had not been forgotten!
The paint tube dolls was an idea i saw in an old copy of Cloth Paper Scissors..and if you know you would know that I find it very hard to throw anything out as everything has so much possibility to be re-cycled!
A close up of one of the plasticine bodies
paper mache over the plasticine figures
 close up to paper mache face. I was lucky to have a catalog from my favourite shop Lush to use for the paper mach...lots of nice colours, I'm going to try and maintain as much of the news print as possible. They are a bit more advanced as of last night. I cut them in half to remove the plasticine and I'm in the process of adding the final paper mache and attaching the limbs.

 Now these dolls are a little something special I bought the pattern from my friend Little Dirt Lane...I needed some cute therapy, lets just say I've been to the dentist way to many times this year...I needed to take my mind off the yuckiness of it all and making these little dolls was just perfect. Jess has kindly let me sell them too and if you are at the Eastside Makers Market on the 5th December you will see these little girls decorating my whimsical Xmas tree!


Carol/Firecrackerkid said...

Hi Grace:) How cool of you to get a chance to try something you've been wanting to. So that's how you do that huh? I'm sure they're gonna look awesomely and as cute as cute can be!

Isabel said...

They are soo adorable!!Ive never attempted to do anything paper mache except paper mache lanterns these dolls are awesome:O)Have a great day~Isabel

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Love Them!

Twiglet said...

Fab little dolls. Lots of great projects as usual!!