A little teaseer before I sign off

I'm nearly all packed and ready to head off to Melbourne on wednesday...all my paints, pencils and printing tools have been sent on ahead...fingers and toes crossed that they don't get lost along the way!

Fortunately the flight over is under and hour..but I really hate the lead up to getting to the airport. Once I've checked I relax a little until I'm in the plane...I really dislike the taking off and landing bit...the in-between bits are ok.

I'm still doing a bit of sewing, I'm going to miss my machine but I've a heap of things to keep me busy. Apart from painting I'm even going to take some of my long lost UFO knitting projects, there is not TV there so I need to do something at the end of the day in front of the wood fire.

I wont be connected to the internet for a bit so till then, if you haven't already sign up to the giveaway get in there and do so! Thank you to all those that have and put my 'giveaway button' on their page...Good luck!

I'll see you all in a couple of weeks time if not sooner!

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Jess said...

A couple of weeks??? What will I do without you and your cheerio? LOL - have fun - I know you will create many masterpieces there! Oh - take pictures of the fuzzies too...just for me, pahleeze....


Abi said...

Hope you have a good time! I'm behind with the times - didn't realise you were having a giveaway - will go check it out now!!!!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Enjoy your trip! I completely understand your discomfort with flying. It's not my favorite thing to do either!

tilcheff said...

LOL, am I the crazy one? I love turbulence, take off and landing! Security checkin's a lot of fun too. That's the only time I get the belt off the jeans (and maybe sometimes when I wash them, but I don't wash them often). It's so good to fly and travel... Enjoy your time! -n

Juliette Crane said...

your artwork is so fabulous! i am just loving reading your blog and looking at everything. i'm sad that you'll be away for awhile, but can't wait to stop back again will you'll be posting more. thank you for being so inspiring! have a fabulous trip! i was just in melbourne in december. just adored walking around downtown :)

best wishes!

Madame Samm said...

I so understand...sometimes when we are away we come back with sooooo much more focus and inspiration...so to both...cheerio my sweet
madame samm