Hi everyone!!! Back online! Alls well here at Dunmoochin. I'm loving my new environment. Birds, kangaroo's, wonderful people, the bushlands and my spacious cabin/studio.
My paints and tools arrived yesterday...so excited and I've even more new crazy ideas exploding in my head and on paper. I haven't stopped drawing since I arrived and already have stuck up illustrations around the room.
Last night I even knitted myself a scarf. Yep from start to finish! Well how can you not when your using size 20 needles and 'Alien Bumps' yarn from Guttersnipe. LOVE IT!!
I have to keep my posting short, not much bandwidth to play with....but just to remind those that haven't signed up for the give away you only have 2 days to do so.
Those that have, keep those fingers and toes crossed, it could be your name that gets pulled out of the beanie!
Good to be back
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vivian said...

hi Grace! Sounds like a wonderful place to stay. Just relaxing and creating.. how lucky you are! do you know Natasha? She posted something about being at a show im Melbourne this coming weekend. check out her blog http://natashaburns.blogspot.com/
Enjoy yourself and cant wait to see what great things you create while youre there!!!