Paper Plane and Doll wars illustrated

What happens when two doll makers are made it sit opposite to one another for great lengths at a time?
They say the pen is mightier than the sword in this case it was true as I'm not sure who cast the first stone but I as I make crap paper airplanes I know who threw the first paper plane...I have the paper cut to prove it!!
HiiRagi and her robot Zombie army tried to out wit the Raggedy doll and bunny army here are the oppositions illustrations....hopefully HiiRagi will have the courage to show her opponents damaging illustrations...who won well I'll just say that I'll be working hard on my sorties from here on in! Shakes fist at Robot Zombie army!!

The last word!


ruby victoria printmaking said...

you two are so messy!

vivian said...

lol! looks like you and your friend were having a blast!

Whosies said...

waaaahhhh. poor raggedy and bun buns.

HiiRagi said...

Fear not little black crowlet, the images are coming...and you will be sorry you chose to take on the all might uber evil HiiRagi..Actually I'm quite excited becuase it may mean I've found my Arch Nemisis!!!! MWAHAHAAHHA!!!!