Eastside Makers Market

My internet connection has been down for days so was unable to shout about Eastside Makers Markets first big day out! None the less it was a smashing success not only I think for us store holders and the people that came along and supported us and bought our works but for the wonderful and creative organizers!

Little Black Crow's Table...oooooo look new things that nobody has seen before..see, click on images and take a look around!!
I've been making cotton reel dolls from wooden spools and paper mache, I received lots of interest from these! Needle cases and a variety of pin cushions are very popular too.
I sold another painting, I would have liked to talk more to the guy that bought it but I was very busy at that time. He bought the 'Little Drummer Boy' for himself. I'm very pleased to have sold it but I do miss it..But this is a terrific inspiration to continue painting and creating as so many people complemented me and my work. I do believe in my work but I'll be honest that I do get insecure about what I do and the doubts start to creep in. I know that my family and friends all like what I do but when you hear it from complete strangers it is a good feeling and I very much appreciate it. So ...................................................THANK YOU!!

Now here is a peek at some of the other stall holders

Here is Nicole with her scrumptious shoes, I loved them all and if I hadn't been wearing my hiking goth socks I would have loved to try a few on!

Suzi's Treasury from her Nest, wonderful re-purposed found objects and recycled fabrics, cards and tags!!
Narelle from Ruby Victoria...a personal favorite! Narelle also had the wonderful and entertaining time having her stall next to the ARK METAL guys!

Ark Metal Pig


Bee the Comics Widow said...

You don't need to doubt your work at all! I LOVE what you do and little Robert bunny is one of my most prized possessions :) I was there on Sunday too but was too shy to come and say hello (silly right?). THAT is how much I think your work rocks - I'm a little starstruck!

BlackCrow said...

Thank you for the great compliment!
Oh you should have said hello!!
'Starstruck', oh stop it your making me blush!
Next time, you have to introduce yourself!!!

Bee the Comics Widow said...

Heehee! That's okay! Yes, I will come and say hello next time :)