Ghost Girl and Friends

Ghost Girl is a cotton reel doll. Inspired by Mark Ryden's painting 'Ghost Girl'. She is also my little project for the Art Dolls Only group, Monochromatic Challenge.

A little while ago my mum gave me all her wooden and plastic cotton spools, I remember these as a kid. Most had hardly any cotton left and what was left broke easily.
I noticed a few people on Etsy turning them into dolls. What a great idea, lets see how I can make these my own. The heads are paper mache, the features are drawn with artist pencils and fine art pens. A little bit of paint and either gloss varnish or wax to coat the finished head.
And finally I get to use my collection of bottle tops!
I took my first ones to the market and they proved to be quite popular and sold a couple. I've listed 'Ghost Girl' in my Etsy shop, go take a peek there are more photo's of her there. I'll only be making a these until I run out of wooden spools!


CurlyPops said...

What a great way to recycle all the cotton reels. I would never know what on earth to do with them all!

Sarah B said...

Hello, these are very sweet - your work is lovely.
I just posted one of your bookmarks I own on my easter post for my blog :)

Julie said...

I love them all..they are so friggin cute!

Whosies said...

i have a few of those wooden spools. might have to give this a try. do you have a tutorial to refer to or one of your own for the paper mache head? I'd love to learn something new!! thanks!!