The Big 50

Guess what? Today I finished my first 5o dolls for Xmas orders. Yeah!! I'm so happy I've even managed to finish before the end of the month. But not only did I finish 50 dolls, 50 names where also given. I had to print 50 logo's, coffee stain and bake 50 tags, then tie each tag to those 50 dolls. Oh and not forgetting my 50th sale at ETSY!
Now as fun as it would be to show you all fifty dolls, I won't because then I would have to take 50 photo's of 50 dolls and that would be boring. Plus I've already started work on another 50 dolls, but not bunny's and elephants. I think I will stop making these for a bit as its starting to feel like production line and that's not what my work is about!
So I'll start posting 10 photo's a day.
Sit back and enjoy.










My personal favorite is Trish, I love her little school girl look. All these dolls will be for sale locally here in Hobart. I'll be putting up some Xmas dolls soon in my Etsy shop.
Another big hi and thank you to all my followers, boy can't believe there are so many of you!!
And a special thank you to Blue Berries in the Field for another blog award! If you don't know of Monique's work go take a peek.


ruby victoria printmaking said...

congrats on all the 50's I am just looking forward to maybe one day reach double figures on etsy lol I noticed you little guys in Love & clutter have either been moved or have sold, I have to say I love looking at your little guys when I visit there ! I hope we can catch up soon for a natter!
Narelle x

Dragonfly said...

Congratulations!! There's even one named after me! She's gorgeous ;-)
Enjoy making the next 50!!
Cheers, Karen

BlackCrow said...

Thanks guys!!
Yikes sounds like I better get off to Love and clutter soon!!

vivian said...

congrats on completing 50 dolls! thats a lot of work. The ones youve shown are adorable adn I'm sure the next 50 will be too!
have a great wednesday!

Yve said...

You amaze me, you are so industrious. I know there's difference in scale but I couldn't make 50 dolls in a year, let alone a few weeks! I think you and Kaerie Faerie will populate the world with your little dollies (no bad thing) :o)