Two little art dolls out and about!

Little Red Dress

Little Pinkie
These two curious looking dolls came from my imagination when I was 5 years old. My mother kept all my drawings in a scrap book.

I still have the book and I'm amazed at certain images can still be found in my more simple little animated characters.
You can see more photo's at my Etsy store where they are looking for a a new home.

Oh and look here what Abi has put together!!! So exciting to see her treasury pics!


vivian said...

hi grace..
call me crazy.. but i just posted a new swap.. the littlest christmas elf.. I can just imagine what you might come up with if you were to join! would love to have you.. but understand if you cant.. I'm swamped myself, but had to do this one!

Yve said...

That's cool, I wish I still had some of my childhood sketchbooks! I used to fill so many and was always writing stories, it would be great inspiration now. I think you'd make a great Christmas Elf too :o)

Cheryl said...

oh my gooooooooooooodness...your super talented! Your dolls are little bits of dreams aren't they!

Julie said...

I just found you on etsy the other day and absolutely love your adorable creations! What talent!! I hope to be able to pick one up one day! ; )

Dragonfly said...

How nice to still have your sketches!! So talented from such a young age.
Congratulations on your 50th!! I've just had a virtual champagne for you!!
Cheers, Karen

blueberries in the fields said...

hi Grace, really wonderful new dolls i see, very original and so sweet. I gave you a blogaward. if you want to read about it, go peek at my blog.
have a lovely day ♥