SantaCat has arrived

What a busy, busy, busy time of the year this has been. Not only having family "issues" to deal with but trying to concentrate on getting my art business up and running. These last two months have really been the most productive, exciting, disciplined time.
I've come to the conclusion too to stop making the elephants and bunny's for a while and start making some brand new dolls. One of my new additions to Etsy this afternoon is SantaCat! go check him out there are more photo's of him there. I'll be adding some more Xmas decorations soon. There are some Snowmen people, and more animal Santa's plus a whole lot of other odd ornaments.
I'd love to stay and chat more but BF is about to come home and the place is a mess....I don't know how it happened but doll bits are everywhere!! Gotta Run!! Cheers.....oh one more thing 10 new photo's will be up this evening of my new 50!!


vivian said...

love that santa cat ♥

Julie said...

Positively adorable as are the little darlings below!!!