Thank you and say hello to some new buddies!!

Thank you to everyone who made a comment in my last post....I'm going to investigate this issue further. The dreaded 'D' word discipline is important, I know that when I was working I could turn out about 6-8 finished background designs, get ruffs ready for the next day, help my assistant, color and the layout department. Advise animators and FX designers. All in a days work, week in week out for almost 2 years full time. No way could I have done this with out having a plan and making lists...so why is it that working from home I don't have the same discipline?
What I'll do is search other peoples work practises and list them here, I don't expect to follow rigidly to plans but I would like to know how others break there days up when working from home trying to run a business.
But now onto something new that was created in the studio this week!!!





You can find Pip and Fernando for sale at my Etsy shop ....right now!!


vivian said...

so flipping cute!

Abi said...

I totally agree vivian! I'm loving them Grace!
As for Discipline - I have non, zero, zilch. I was thinking that maybe my husband should confiscate my laptop, so I can stay off the darn thing for more than an hour. I'm having to get a job because I can't focus on my art anymore, and I need to earn money somehow! Perhaps I should relocate to Tazmania to be your assistant come disciplinarian! :O)

Yve said...

They're so sweet! I know what you mean about discipline. I still work freelance from home and if it wasn't for looming deadlines I'd never get anything done! Inbetween I have to snatch all the time I can for Freaky Little Things and sometimes forget to have a life as well!! :o)

Tinniegirl said...

Your creations are just so wonderful. I adore them.

I was interested to read your posts about organising your day. I am the same. I am super organised at work but somehow can't (or perhaps don't want to) apply the same routines to my creativity. So I'm trying to find different ways to bring organisation and routine to my creative endeavours.