Beach Market!!

The weather was just awful on Saturday morning but I was determined to get to the Beach Market in Blackmans Bay and meet some fellow crafter's that I've only meet on line and I was seriously in need of some shopping therapy!!:)!!

So bribing BF with coffee and crepes for breakfast he caved in and drove me to the markets...I don' know how to drive you see:(

Anyway we made it there in safely as did so many others, they are a hardy race these Tasmanian's!

As we squeezed our way into the front door the first person I noticed was Rosie from NOTIONS!!

Even though it was very busy we where able have a few chats each time I passed.

Her work was so beautifully displayed I could have stood there admiring just how everything looked when I noticed this little brooch with a little black crow bird perched on a cage..Rosie must have known I was going to be there!! So yes I had to buy it!!

Next door to Rosie was Ruby Victoria with her beautiful lino prints, printed tags and lables. We talked for a while and she gave us a demonstration with her awesome printing machine, go check out her blog there is a great post there now with a photo of her press!!

And then in the middle isle was Loopy Designs!! Loopy makes very desirable bags, purses, needle and pencil rolls and heaps of other necessities. All in beautiful fabrics. Loopy's little zipper purse with the little babushkas was too hard to resist!!

There were lots of other lovely stores and people I wanted to meet but time was running short lots more things to be done and places to go!

A great day was had despite the rain and wind!!


Yve said...

I really miss getting out to Craft Fairs and actually MEETING other artists face to face, that scene seems pretty dead here these days though :o(

Yve said...

Maybe I should move to Tasmania!!! :o)

Abi said...

How brill! to meet some fellow Etsians - who have great art! I'm envious!
We don't have any decent markets or craft fairs here -it's flippin pants. I loved craft shows in England - went to them almost every week!

ruby victoria printmaking said...

thanks for link you sent me your friends photos a brilliant, makes me wish I had a better camera and more just me time to go out and take photos myself.
thank you also for the plug here on you blog


Abi said...

Me again! - I know you don't accept being tagged, and I'm not sure if you accept awards, but, I wanted to pass one on to you anyway - the image is on me blog! :O)