sunday studio

What's wrong with this picture, besides the obvious need for organization and more storage containers??
and a sneaky peek at a new design!!

I think I have to start organizing my weeks better. Monday, Tuesday I can paint....Wednesday and Thursday is Sewing..Saturday should be book keeping...yuck! And Sunday reward day!
Sunday will be reserved for experimenting and making things for family, friends and me, with a bit of gardening thrown in.
Do other people have a work flow routine that they stick too, write me a line or two in my comments and I'll do a post about it.
Also book keeping how often do you do it and what is the best method for you? I've downloaded a template from Etsy to help with my book keeping but I'm still not convinced it is the best method.


CurlyPops said...

I wish I had a schedule, but I just work in dribs and drabs which is completely unproductive.
I usually only do my book keeping every quarter, and as mine is very simple, I just use an axcel spreadsheet.
I would also love to know if anyone else has some whizz bang tips!

Thea said...

I tried to have a schedule but have failed miserably. Originally, I was doing my bookkeeping every Sunday night but now it is every quarter and I am SO behind. Tomorrow is the day that I have put aside to do it all for the last quarter. It's all in MYOB but it still takes time to reconcile it all. I think because it is SO boring, it is the last thing to ever get done.

BlackCrow said...

Oh poo sounds like we are pretty much doing the same thing. We need a manager/accountant that will work for the love of art and craft!!!

willywagtail said...

What is wrong with the room? I don't no. It would be easy to knok up a quick shelf from three pieces of wood cut for you by your nice hardware man and a ouple of decorative brackets. That way you could have a shelf right over the back of your table for all the nions, etc that need to be near at hand. Sorry, can't help with the paperwork. I simply refuse to do it. Cherrie

Yve said...

FINALLY, a workspace that looks like someone works in it!!!! I keep seeing these immaculate "a place for everything and everything in it's place" ordered and manicured studios on blogs and just wonder how they ever get anything done.
Sorry that wasn't meant to sound like you're untidy, just that I know I could work in there without feeling creeped out by the neatness fairy... don't know where I'm going with this... never do my book keeping til just before the deadline... seriously, been freelance 25 years and always the same! Must become more effecient... eventually :o)

vivian said...

great workspace! So what do you do on fridays??
I have no rhythm, rhyme or reason to the way I create.. I cant keep to any schedules to save my life!!
happy sunday!

BlackCrow said...

Hey I missed out on friday..thanks Vivian......Friday is domestic duties and what ever else needs doing day:)
thanks every one for leaving a comment....nice to know I'm not alone:)

mazsu said...

Dear Black Crow!
oh my GOD! i just find YOU on etsy, and i felt in love with your creatures!!! YOUR dolls are soo personal and has an amazing atmosphere.
please visit me on my site:


thanxx,have a nice day: mazsu

ger said...

I don´t believe in schedules... But anyways, book keeping on saturday, that doesn´t sound like a too good idea - saturdays being ruled by Saturn, which tends, in my experience, and if not special care is taken against it, to make one slightly bilious... So, my suggestion is: playful, pleasant creating on saturday...! :)

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

love love!!

Mazsu mentioned your blog, your dolls and it's beautiful. It's always nice to meet other incredible artists.

Come visit sometime!!

Laura said...

Cats and their boxes..I swear, I leave a box open and the min my back is turned one of the cats is living in it.

The only thing I have a clear routine is with paper work..Get it done by Friday..But overal there is no routine unless I'm dealing with a client.

Abi said...

I love your cat - and I love Tony Bear! and I love lavender soap! Just blogged about him....
Thanks Grace :O)

Abi said...

LMAO - Yve thinks your messy - so do I , and I think it's first class! messy studios rock! :O)
tee hee

Abi said...

Oops, you know I'm messing don't you?!! (excuse the pun) Hope you're not offended in any way!!

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Work space looks great, user-friendly! There's nothing quite like getting one's lady cave in order for the start of Spring!

BlackCrow said...

thank you again everybody for adding you words of wisdom.
Not at all offended Abi....dare you to show us your working studio!!
'Lady Cave' I love it maybe I should make a sign above my door:)
Just to add, I haven't kept at all to my work plan so far:-O

Whosies said...

schedules huh? well, lets see. play it by ear...but i think something is whispering that is should be more planned. i keep thinking every day that i should start keeping track and be a 'real' shop on etsy. so far....sell, send, make some more. rhymes and reasons can be useful sometimes i guess. lots to think about.

Ewok said...

since im just a teen my room is my studio, and my bed and floor are my work bench so my room looks like those pictures plus laundry and textbooks and things all thrown in. that also means I don't book keep yet either. i used to be very neat and organized (and kept a schedule for the important stuff) but somewhere around age 13 (16 now) that went right out the window.


Abi said...

Show my work space? hell no! tee hee

Yve said...

Tee hee, had to come back as I never noticed the cat in the box, typical!!! I think I might do a blog on my "studio" next week... Ewok and I have so much in common despite the nigh-on 30 year age difference, I had to move back in with My Mum almost 2 years ago so my work room is my old teenage bedroom!

Lady Cave????????