old sculpts

Camp Dracula

Mad Scientist

Old St Nick


Oh boy these are old, probably 11 years ago I made these. I wanted to make a stop motion film about 'Krampus' a story my parents told us at Xmas time. I did manage to almost complete a script with the help of my younger brother, Rod, who is a brilliant writer,(hope he reads this), made lots of sketches but alas didn't push it any further. Another script I wrote was about a camp Dracula and his cook Igor. I still love the idea of making a stop motion short one day and endlessly watch The Brothers Quay, Jirri Barta and Svankmajer. But these heads look at me everyday pleading me to finish them!!


Abi said...

Wow! they are amazing! you are so full of talent.

Thea said...

These are brilliant! You truly are very clever.

BlackCrow said...