Six More!!

black bunny

pink pokie pants

Miss Red

Miss Perky

Little Patriot

Black ellie #1

Six more critters went off yesterday!

My last six sold as quickly as the first so I'm very busy indeed keeping ahead of orders.
This month though I've made over 30 all up plus trying to squeeze in some time to work on new designs. And you may have noticed a black elephant, yep he is the first one I've made.
I'll be posting up a few more dolls in my etsy store today so go take a peep later tonight!!
Other news is that I finished the 'Feature Film' course which was a lot of fun and met some really nice people. Loved working in amongst the organized kaos and it was so cool learning new things.
Unfortunately though wont have time to work on the feature film as my dolls and catering jobs are keeping me busy this and next month....which is a good thing as these things are my only source of income at the moment!
Oh and with halloween approaching and then Xmas shortly after that I'm going to have to be very organized and plan well ahead making sure I've lots of stock ......so what am I doing here.....
gotta go!!
But before I do head off to the abyss which is my studio.I'd like to thank all the people that have recently joined and followed me on my blog. And there has been a lot as I've been kept busy peeping in on your blogs too, having a great time reading and looking at the work you do!


CurlyPops said...

I can;t believe you've managed to make 30 in a month! They're all so gorgeous - but I think Miss Perky is my fave.

vivian said...

wow you have been busy indeed! LOve your stuff and not surprised that so many others do too! the black elephant is sooo awesome!

Abi said...

Well done you! what a success you are! I don't know where you find the time!
One day I'll walk into a Texan shop and say
"Hey! they were made by my blogging friend Grace!" :O)