hop, hop into the shop

Six more critters made their way on Monday to Love and Clutter! The first six apparently sold in 2 days!! Yikes I have a feeling things are about to get busy here at Little Black Crows Studio!
So here are the new kids in town!

Ellie Daisy Pants

Mr Grumpy Pink Pants
Bunny Blue Pants

Mr Bunny Spotty Pants

Mr Circus Pants

Mr Circus Pants Close Up!

Miss Rosy Pants

You should see the lounge at the moment! I'm lucky that my partner, who is a bit of a clean surfaces freak is out of town once a week. This gives me time to s p r e a d o u t all my dolls and fabrics all over the dinning table and sofa!! I love it!! But like Cinderella once the clock chimes 3 I've go to high tail it and clean up, chop wood, get Bunny and the Kitties sorted, and get dinner on the go! I don't much like those bits!


vivian said...

Grace they are wonderful. I'm not the least buit surprised that they would sell out soo quickly! People love them! I love that bunny grumpy pink pants! tooo freaken cute!!!!!
have a great day!

Betty Jo said...

Adorable..each and every one!
They'll be gone in a flash.

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Black Crow,

I think that they are just adorable. I hope that they sell well and that more and more people need to have them as friends.

Hugs, Euphoria

Abi said...

Hi Grace. I'm not surprised they sold so quick - I love them! :O)

tascha said...

I love them all! They all have such a special cute glow to them.

tilcheff said...

And an updated header/banner too :D As you can imagine, I'm very happy with the non-curly title.

inkberryblue said...

Congratulations on making all those sales too.
(I especially like Mr Grumpy Pinkpants.)

Abi said...

Grace - Tony Bear made it to the Treasury - go see my blog post! also, the other reason for commenting on your page, is: does Etsy notify you when something of yours is in a treasury, or am I to tell everyone?! :O)