We have a winner!!

I didn't think that it would have been so quick but the very clever Angelique from 'No Life without wife' guessed right. Angelique makes lovely dolls and brooches check out her store La Petite Chouette! Angelique has another blog called 'Traveling in New Caledonia' where she lives....lovely photo's of warm days and beautiful beaches!

So check your email Angelique, get back to me and I'll post of mystery prize.

The twins from The Shining'. the scene of the two twins in the corridor always gave me the shivers!
And for those that had a guess or just dropped by thank you for taking a peek and having a go!

Last night I finished their dresses they still need to be distressed. For the background I'll be adding a bit of skirting and was thinking of writing on the wall "REDRUM" in drippy red paint...but I don't know:)



angelique said...

I didn't realise that the dresses were the same. I had it in my mind that they were wearing red velvet for some reason. You need to write 'redrum' on the back wall. It was only the other night my husband was saying it for some reason. Are you going to be selling these lovely girls?

BlackCrow said...

Red Velvet dresses!! Lol, my next dolls my be wearing red velvet dresses though!
It's funny how things like that happen, some sort of telepaphy at work.
These dolls will be for sale in a local gallery....soon.


Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Black Crow,

'REDRUM' Yes! Put it in the box.


Hugs, Euphoria

tascha said...

Oh I knew who those girls were right away. That is one of the scariest parts of the movie :O
Your dolls are great!