Guess who they are to win a mystery prize!!

The twins are nearly complete!!

I've been working on these dolls all day and I finally after about a year I feel they are so close to being finished I'm too excited and just had to show them off to the world. Still need to scuff them up a bit more, add some lace here and there and a bit of needle sculpting for their faces. I'm in two minds about adding hair maybe just a few dragglie bits. They will be in this frame behind glass when finished.

Now onto my evil little plan....see if you can guess who these twins are, where they are from and what happened to them??
The first right answer will win a mystery PRIZE. the prize will of course be something handmade by me.
Good luck but don't be disapointed if you don't win. If you want one of my creations you can always buy one from either Littleblackcrow@Etsy shop or from Littleblackcrow@ madeit!


CurlyPops said...

I'm completely stumped...

vivian said...

wow.. I have NO idea at all! but I do love them and they will look great in that shadow box! have a great week!

Abi said...

The twins in 'The parent trap' 1961, Hayley Mills? :O)

Abi said...

Can I guess more than once?! :O)

angelique said...

Could they be the twins from 'The Shining'. The freaky twins that used to whisper. I think they did anyway.
If I think of anymore I will be back.