Bear with no name!

Hi, here is my 6th bear. The last in this style for a while. I've been reading so much about making bears, bear artists, vintage bears and joining bear makers groups . There is so much I didn't know before making these 6 bears, although I think I made them very well there are some tricks of the trade which I will add to my new bears. I'm also going to include with each bears a date of "birth", edition number and a personalized signed signature. Something I wish I had dome for my other critters although this could still be a possibility with my new work and even for my old work as I still have all that information in my record books. May just have to advertise on my Etsy page if anyone would like a copy to get in touch with me and I could send one out to them. See how I go.


Abi said...

OMG, he is utterly adorable too! I love your bears, I want them all!!!
I also want to pass this award on to you that I received:
The 'One lovely blog award'
The badge and details are posted on my blog if you get chance to pick it up!
Best wishes

vivian said...

love your bears! this one is my fave I think so far!and little red riding hood too!! you do amazing work Grace!