Awards don't come by everyday!!

Thank you Abi for this beautiful award. Abi has a wonderful blog called 'An Angel at My Table' go take a peek at her wonderful art dolls!Now I know there are rules attached to this accepting this award....but weren't rules meant to be broken?
Here are some lovely and inspiring blogs for you all to visit

Emma Kelly a talented animator and illustrator

Lady Euphorias, 'Thrill or Shiver' If your in need of some not so sweet dreams travel here for a good read before bedtime!

Bird and Fish, for those that need a yarn hit there is not better place for wool and roving eye candy!
That's it for tonight, big day tomorrow, I have to finish up a few more art doll projects. Tuesday I'm off to do "Jury Duty":(


Abi said...

Thank you! I wish I had had the courage to break the rules - took me forever to follow them!! I think I may go change the rules :O)
I still want that bear! When I get my first sale, I'm heading straight to your shop!!...If I spent less time blogging, I may get to list something in my shop!! X

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Little Black Crow,

Thank you for the shout out and the honor to be chosen as you friend.

More stories to come. I've been writing a few since I've seen some of your dolls. They are inspiring. I wish I could have them all, but alas not enough space.

Hugs, Euphoria

blueberries in the fields said...

hi! thanks for the sweet comment about lili muffinpie. i am so sorry you missed her. but i still have some of that green floral fabric. i can make another one, but the features are done freehand and i cannot guaranty she will be exactly the same. i will do my best and keep you posted. i will be listing a newbatch soonon my etsy. maybe you will like one of them. buti know lili had that special something.
warm wishes to you ♥

Jo said...

Gee, thanks! I'm afraid I don't know what the rules are! Do I pass on the award to someone else now? I'll have to do some research me thinks....

Thanks again babe, that's such a lovely surprise!