Nine new critters!





Eva is a bunny in progress. her little pink cardigan was from a Barbie clothes pattern. Just the right size for my dolls!
Oleg, I thought he looked a little Russian. Plus it is my Dad's real name.

Paul, although I'm not really happy with this name, but it's the only one that came to me while I was listing him:(. I read the other night that a company called Classic Bears, don't name there bears. They leave it for the recipiant to name them. Makes sence to me, after all I named my bear Tony Curtis when I was 5 and I don't think no bear manufacturer would have thought of that!
Barbara.....note the pink pom pom on top, yep my first needle felted ball in use already!

Getting to be quite a little doll factory in my studio. Just churned out 9 more little critters for my Etsy shop. Looking through my folder on flickr I'm actually surprised at how many dolls I've made. To date on Etsy I've sold 42 critters. My most recent sales where 2 elephants that went to a woman in San Jose, California. A lot of my dolls have sold in the USA. I have a collector that has purchased 9 of my dolls, she lives in Amsterdam. One of my Elephants now lives in Spain and a bunny in the UK. The correspondence between myself and the buyers have always been very freindly and supportive.


Obsidian Kitten said...

These are wonderful.

vivian said...

Eiy yie yie!! look at all these fabulous critters! little needlefelted balls and all! Love them! the creativity just oozes out of you doesnt it!
I'm really LOVING those bears!
have a great sunday! or will it be monday already there when you read this?

tilcheff said...

Bravo! They really have individuality!

angelique said...

You are very very clever. They are all wonderful.

Ewok said...

I was inspired by Coraline to start sewing and doll making, nothing made yet though. Then I came across your blog. I love your adorable little dolls and all your artwork. Hey, have you heard Tim Burton is making an Alice in Wonderland soon? I'm exstatic!!

Thank you =]