needle felting....look!!

Just look at my little babies! my first go at needle felting. I only stabbed myself once. Inspired by Vivien's adorable little felted birds and sheep. I went and ordered some needles from KPixie.
When my needles arrived in the mail I was blown away by the size of the package, why the hell would they pack such tiny little needles in such a big envelope, I know these things are sharp...but?? So when I opened it up and to my surprise there was a huge thick piece of foam inside I thought great is this a joke? After reading the instructions and watching a few YouTube tutorials I worked out what the foam is for....and a good thing it is too! Now I'll be able to make all the little pom poms I want too!


vivian said...

YAY!! good for you! I cant wait for you to get the hang of this. I know you will make the most awesome things... I have avsolutely no doubt!

Obsidian Kitten said...

I love needle-felting! It was my first fiber craft. I posted about it here: