model sheet, dance and expressions

this little character i designed a few years ago for a animation tutorial I was doing on my own. Designing a character, posing her and seeing what expressions I could get out of her face and then making her animate. I based the dance steps on Preston Blair's alligator in Fantasia. I did get to put it onto a video but its so corrupted and glitchy that I may one day when I get time trace her and scan in for a pencil test.

I can see now some deffinate odd posses in the top drawings. And yes the girl at the bottom is wearing Doc martins to dance in!


vivian said...

how cool!! I love all the expressions and the dancing! I doodle alllll the time at work. Next time i may try drawing different expressions just to see if I can do it!
have a great sunday!

Gufobardo said...

I awarded you, I love your sketches and drawings! cioa from Italy

emma kelly said...

these are great !! you could get some nice follow through with her hair too.

She looks familiar ?! is the character based on anyone we know ?!!!

blackie said...

I like her clompy-doc marten leap. makes me want to dance *sigh*

tilcheff said...

Finally decided to take some time off and read blogs :)
Very nice softness about this character and the poses. Still even soft they look pretty solid to me. Good work :D

vivian said...

hey out there! whatcha up too? come join the easter swap at my blog!