crazy cats

A couple of crazy cats I designed years ago. I totally forgot about these until I stumbled across them on one of my archived Cd's.
I think I did animate these for an earth moving company. I'll have to see if any of this animation still exists anywhere!
Cats are fun to draw and make look stupid, especially since we all know how highly intelligent creatures they are.


Reza Winandar said...

You should create a cartton with the cat. It's so original. You can check this out dollartorupiah.blogspot.com

vivian said...

hey Grace! how are you? have you been enjoying your summer there? I'm ready to send winter to you and take summer back! its been crazy cold and snowy here. looks like the sun will be out today for a bit and temp should go up to 26 F. I'm going to florida in a week... cant wait for a touch from the warm sun!
how are your eggs coming along for the swap? I cant wait to see what everyone is making!

tilcheff said...

Hey! They look great :D Very nice designs.
Would be fun to stretch and squash and have anvils fall on their heads.
I find myself still getting excited by just thinking about animating such stuff...

Laura said...


Very nice cat!

You seen this street art before: http://graffmuseum.com/?p=2617

it's not graffiti :P Still amazingly cool!
Dunno if I can put HTML in comment boxes so just copy the link into url bar.