Secretary, by Boris, my Oma

Here are a couple of examples of Oma's cartoon strip. If my memory serves me right I'm pretty sure that she titled it, "Secretary", From what i can gather it is about a flirty secretary trying to chat up a clerk while her boss is trying to play hanky panky with her.

There was some story that Oma had approached a news paper but was unsuccessful.

I'll post more up tomorrow night. They are hard to scan as she drew them on large card board sheets. I may have to photograph the rest. I've noticed on some she has written in speech bubbles but the text is faded.
It's interesting to see that she used little motion lines to sugest movement, this is a very cartoonie. Her style is a little naive in some aspects but there is no doubting that she had a good imagination and could draw. I know that she loved watching cartoons and The Flinstones was a favourite of hers as was the 'funnies" in the news paper, "Blondie", "Li'lAbner", 'Ginger Meggs" would have been her inspirations.


blackie said...

wow, what an interesting family link for you to have. I wonder what would have been in those speech bubbles. I really like her wiggly butt!

tilcheff said...

sorry it took me so long to post a comment.
they don't look naive to me at all. especially when scaled down. the poses are expressive and the designs are interesting. just the fact that they were drawn by your granny is amazing!

andrew garton said...

i agree, i don't think they're naive either... in fact, they resonate with a specific period, one in which Christian Schad pretty much lead... and her drawings are some how similar to some of his early work, particularly that which depicted life in Berlin prior to WW2.


i've not found drawings online, but i did seem them at a retrospective exhibition in vienna last week. most astonishing!