how did I get here?

Alex Garton, my dad, pencil sketch

on the potty, pencil sketch

Irene, my Aunt, water colour
Sputnik, oil on canvas

I've been feeling a little nostalgic about the past these last few months especially after coming across these sketches by my grandmother, on my fathers side. This got me to thinking about the art in my life and how it has had such a strong hold on me since the beginning.
For the next few months I'll be doing a little family research and posting up some photo's.
Who knows I may even find out something about myself.
My Grandmother was born Helena Ustimenko, but as kids we called her Oma, or Boris behind her back.
I always felt that she was a rather nasty person and smelt of borscht!
She taught us kids to play the piano, rather ruthlessly. She was a piano teacher and worked from home.
I remember that she loved to give parties and would and prepare some great sakuska dishes (entrees, IE herrings, rollmops, pickles,etc).
Easter was probably the best times with Oma as I was allowed to help her paint Easter eggs.
I would watch her paint the eggs with incredible detail usually roosters or designs that almost looked liked embroidery.
When she died (I always thought that she died of vanity, her corset was too tight and she stopped breathing), we found a stash of rolled up cardboard that she had drawn a comic strip on.
Only a few now exist as most where damaged. This will be my next post with some photo's of my
grandfather and some more interesting family gossip!!


vivian said...

you crack me up. but I do look forward to hearing more about your family history as you discover it!

tilcheff said...

I've been thinking all day about these drawings without mentioning a word to you... I will think of them tomorrow too and remember them often in the future. They made a strong impact on me. I don't see such stuff every day.