Andre Garton, my grandfather

Hey who's this hip dude?? Well this is my grandfather!! I never knew him.
He divorced or left his wife in Europe and moved to Canada .
He had a small jazz band named after him as you can see he was rather talented, not only could he play two saxophones at once but he played clarinet, bassoon and trumpet! I have to try and hunt down some other photo's of him that my brother has. This photo looks like it may have been taken in the late 40's early 50's.


blackie said...

cool! what great photos, I can really feel that jive!

tilcheff said...

it's so good that you have these photos!
a snapshot of time is all that we need -- it triggers imagination and gives us endless possibilities to speculate what happened before, what happened after. nostalgic. yes! sometimes i think the past generations had easier and better lives. i'm sure i'm wrong, but it doesn't make me stop thinking of it.

andrew garton said...

hi grace... erm... should be Andre, not Adre Garton :)