Emily, look it's Little Pete!!!


This is a pretty place for a rest, said Pete.
Now that's better, this Australian sun can get hot on a little bears head, exclaimed Pete.
Time for a bit of cloud spotting and a nap, said Pete sleepily.
Thank you Emily for such a great little Guy....I did a sneaky peek on your blog and did see a group of three of these little guys and I did wonder! He is a pretty cool looking dude! Thanks soooo much for participating in my little swap! Maybe in the next year we can do another!!??!!

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vivian said...

dont you just love her bears?? I adore mine.. though, I have to admit I havent named him yet. I'm thinking about naming him humphry. the probablem is, sometimes I name my guys and then forget their names!! isnt that terrible! have you heard from tiffany??